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According to a survey conducted by w3techs.com, WordPress is used by 62.3% of all the websites whose content management system we know. That is 35.5% of all websites. You might think, “Why should I start using WordPress when my current platform is just working fine? Also, isn’t WordPress good for blogging only?” Let us tell you then, there are so many WordPress activities which you are not aware of yet. When you are building your website, the first thing you need to take care of is SEO. And for its high-quality code and semantic markup production, WordPress sites are highly SEO friendly. In fact, you can say, Google algorithm loves WordPress. Websites built by WordPress are most likely to rank at the top! And that is what your website needs too, isn’t it? Now let us tell you how can we help you out in that!

How Can We Help

WordPress has loads of templates and features in its store which can smoothen the entire website build-up process. But there are almost 2 billion websites who are doing the exact same thing! Don’t you want your website to stand out from the crowd? But if you want to build something unique and out of the box, you need to start building your WordPress website from scratch. That will include coding, development and designing your website. Do you have any idea how long it can take? Exactly 14 weeks. Which is close to 3 and a half months. Do you really want to wait that long to see your new website and lined up visitors through it? We know you don’t!

With the help of Distinct Digital Media, you won’t have to wait that long anymore! Our web development team takes full responsibility for creating your website right from the coding part! Not only that, we help you in building up your WordPress site in a super brandable way! From deciding on the name to choosing the templates for your website, we will be there for you. Also, picking up your desired domain name won’t be tough anymore since we will do all the needful for you. When you are building your website, security becomes an affair of caution in this world of ever-growing cyber crime. With the help of a few WordPress plugins, we can help you out in the detection of the common threats to your website as well.

Why Should You Choose Us

If you want to build a top-notch WordPress website, it can cost you from $3,000 to $30,000, sometimes even more! Do you really want to spend so much and put your extra efforts to build a website at the same time? Absolutely not. Right? We tend to build your website in a very attractive way, taking care of every aspect. That helps our present client to:

  • Increase website traffic by 400%.
  • From 0 client conversions per day to a transformation of almost 100 conversions per day.

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