Webinar & Live Event Registrations

Webinar & Live Event Registrations

 Generate maximum registrations & in-person Live attendees for your next webinar or Live Conference/Event.

“A survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 44% of the respondents stated that they watch more live-streamed events on their devices than live TV. According to Cisco, 82% of all internet traffic by 2022 will be consuming videos.”

Webinars are an effective content marketing tool for lead generation and delivering content to audiences in a new and engaging way. When it comes to running webinars, there are a lot of important decisions to take into consideration, such as:

~ What day is best to run it? How long should it be?

~ Which format will drive the most engagement?

What We Do

Content Syndication

This is your typical top of the funnel demand. We target your ideal prospect and account profile. We engage them with your compelling content. We monitor their behaviour and interactivity with your content, in order to gain insight into interest and intent.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Creating middle funnel demand requires a different, data-driven approach. It requires to target and engage the right accounts, and the multiple prospective buyers within them exhibiting in-market signals. Marketing Qualified Leads have signaled intent and require deeper engagement. They are best suited for lead qualification teams and further nurturing.

Sales Qualified Leads

Lower funnel demand requires driving quality demand engagement. Majority of our Sales Qualified Leads to translate to Sales and perform exceptionally in the Sales-Enablement department.

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