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Why Twitter Marketing?

The Answer is simple! Because there are over 326 million average twitter users globally to share content with! So if you are not using twitter for your marketing purpose, you can understand how many audience you would be missing out on if you are not using twitter marketing already. If you are looking forward to build a great community and manage them properly in order to create brand awareness, twitter is the right gig for you. But, making yourself look unique is not that simple when it comes to twitter. You need to tweet multiple times in a day if you need to get noticed. But, if your contents are not vibrant, you might have a risk to bore away your visitors as well! Also, there are live poles and discussion forums which can help you to increase the opportunity to discuss. But, how to manage all of these when you are having a busy schedule?

That’s where DistinctDigitalMedia has your back!

How Can We Help

When it comes to Twitter Marketing, we follow a few steps to create the proper marketing strategy. We conduct thorough research to know your buyer persona and audience, create engaging posts for them, organize time schedules for your posts and analyse the impact and results. We create your twitter handle and header with a touch of uniqueness, write a brief and crisp bio for you so that your viewers can easily feel connected to you. We put extra efforts to create twitter lists for you as well by which, your posts reach the right people. With the help of the twitter chat feature, we host twitter chats frequently as well on hot and trending topics which increase the audience engagement like wildfire. With our promoted tweets of twitter campaigns and twitter advertisements, we attract new visitors everyday. The list doesn’t end here. We drive traffic to your website directly for conversion and sales purposes by:

  • Adding your website URL beneath your bio
  • Attaching the URL to your tweets
  • Retweeting contents that has direct link to your website
  • Embedding twitter links on your website
  • Setting up twitter advertisements to drive users to a specific landing page

If you are looking for a twitter verification, we can help you in achieving that as well! In this way, your brand attention won’t get diverted towards fake accounts.

Why Should You Choose Us

Well, enough of beating our own drums. Let us show you some statistics we gathered from our client diaries. Are you ready?

  • Tweets of our clients got retweeted more than 100 times a day.
  • Twitter campaigns organized by us created brand awareness among 400+ new visitors
  • Website traffic got increased by 400% via twitter

We know it is not physically possible to reach this level on your own. Isn’t that correct? Go for our services and see the same happening to your business as well then!

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