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65% of people who are using google search, end up purchasing something from Pay Per Click advertisements. Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which advertisers have to pay each time someone clicks on the advertisement. But, what’s the benefit of a PPC advertisement? Why nowadays everyone is fond of it? Because it is good for everyone! People who are searching for a product, they get them just in one click. Which means, it drives immediate result. Not only that, PPC advertising pulls in quality traffic and drastically increases the website traffic. It increases revenue, leads, and sales because PPC traffic is more likely to convert. Hence, PPC advertising is way more effective than organic listing. So, have you launched any PPC advertisement for your business yet? No? Then it’s time that you let us help you out with that!

How Can We Help

If you understand how SEO works, then you must have understood by now that Pay Per Click advertisements are heavily SEO friendly. Hence, PPC campaigns are built around keyword keywords. We do the keyword research and fetch out the most relevant keywords for the campaign. Keywords that have a high PPC click-through rate, a low cost per click and increased profit. Also, we find out long-tail keywords that are more specific and less common but add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic. We keep the environment of your PPC camping ever-evolving where your keyword list constantly keeps growing and adapting. Along with these activities, we keep a check on negative keywords as well to make sure those are never being used for your PPC advertisements. By splitting up your ad groups into smaller and more relevant ones we improve the click-through rate and quality score. Lastly, we modify the content and the call to action buttons of your landing pages that align with the search queries. This way, your conversion rates get higher.

Why Should You Choose Us

Are our PPC advertisements really doing what they are claiming to do? Only if there was a way to find it out from our clients. Oh wait, there is! Our clients have confirmed that PPC advertisements we run for them have:

  • Increased the website traffic to 400%.
  • Made 100 lead conversions per day.

Did it sound convincing now? If yes, then contact us, and get your own PPC advertisement done in no time at all!

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