Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Suppose you have a family function coming up, you need some good outfit to wear but you are too busy to go shopping. Or, you are hungry, but very lazy to get out of your bed. Or you are not getting any public transport to go back home and you are desperately in need of a cab. What is the one simple solution for the above three problems? Simple! Open your app store, download the mobile application you need and get going!

Nowadays we have an app for even the little daily needs of our lives. Hence, we need not to mention how much the business owners with mobile applications are earning everyday. For example, after building their app in the last 12 years Zomato has spread its roots over 10,000 cities around the world and has 1.4 million customers in total. Does this give you motivation? If Zomato can do you then why can’t you? Well, we know why you are hesitating. Building an application can be a reason for huge profit, but there is a risk that it can turn your business upside down with zero ROI at the same time. But DistinctDigitalMedia won’t let that happen to you, because we have some Mobile App Marketing hacks for you in our bag!

How Can We Help

The first step of Mobile App Marketing strategies we follow is like most of the other marketing techniques. We focus on knowing your audiences first. We build a buyer persona depending on age group, job, home town and hobbies of the user. Then, we start promoting your application in your website so that your existing website visitors know that you have an application and switch to that automatically.The next part is App Store Optimization or ASO. With so many existing applications in the market, the visibility of your application tends to be less. So we use keywords in your description by keeping it crisp, quirky and out of the box. Not only that, from screenshot to thumbnail images, we take full responsibility that it looks appealing to the viewers.

After all of these activities, you still need to make people aware of this application in other platforms. Hence, we build a strong content strategy for that. We take care of outsourced links that lead to the applications, press releases and blog posts describing the app. Along with that, we focus on making demo videos, collecting testimonials, writing interactive articles, promotions, giveaways and fun contests as well. And the more we engage your audiences to the app, the more likely they are to continue with your app for a long term. You agree to it right?

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To play this risky game, you need someone who has been collecting a huge amount of numbers in the bag for a long time. Check out the other two sections called App Store Optimization and Mobile Phone Advertisement and let us know if you think we are the same!

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