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Wondering how you can build up an eCommerce site which provides you with more than 50 payment gateways? Well, we see no other option than building a Magento Website!

A Magento Website is an eCommerce platform built on an open source technology that provides online vendors with a flexible shopping cart system and controls over the look, content and functionality of it with the help of Search Engine Optimization, powerful marketing and catalog management tools. Magento websites offer a vast range of plug-ins and themes that can accelerate the customer experience.

But, although Magento websites are designed to be used by someone who isn’t a developer, building one is not as simple as it looks like. Once you start integrating it to other system or introduce it to a truckload of products, it starts demanding the hands of an experienced developer to work properly. And that’s where DistinctDigitalMedia comes in scene.

How Can We Help

Handling a Magento website doesn’t seem tricky anymore if it is built in expert hands. From choosing the proper Magento platform to choosing the theme that will go with your brand properly, we take care of everything that can attract visitors automatically. You know about the ability Magento websites have to build an automatic SEOfriendly platform already. We do some extra work there as well, by blocking the unnecessary keywords that might attract wrong traffic. Also, we build you an image library where your product images can be SEO friendly as well as your content. We make the admin login actions easy so that you can operate that all by yourself. We focus on adding responsive elements in your website design that makes it mobile friendly as well. By adding various plug-ins and features, we make sure you can handle the content management system all by yourself. And then comes the most important thing of all- the product alerts! Whenever there is a change of price, or some product is again available in stock, you can simply let your visitors know about it using the product alert feature!

Why Should You Choose Us

Did you already believe what we promised to do? Well, don’t believe so fast! Not until we show you some numbers at least!

  • Our clients’ website visitors got increased by 400% who are actually buying products instead of just keeping them stacked in their shopping cart.
  • Almost 100 visitors are converting into regular buyers every day.
  • Their product release updates are making space under the top 3 search results.

Well, now you can get convinced and think of taking our services as well maybe?

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