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46% of overall Google searches happens to be local.

And do you know how many businesses haven’t even listed themselves in Google My Business? They are 56% in total! If you are among one of them, we don’t have to tell you separately that how it is gonna affect your website traffic.

Local SEO is basically a process to attract more and more businesses from relevant local searches that takes place on Google and other search engines. Local SEO can help with social sharing as well so that you can meet potential customers and other website owners, even local bloggers as well! And that is not just it. Since your website is practically the online address for your business, the local SEO helps your website to interact with the users. In US, there were 7 billion unique local searches in 2019 among which 78% of mobile searches and 61% of personal computer searches resulted into a purchase, all thanks to the super smooth local SEO activities!

Wondering how you can do the same for your business? Maybe we can help you out!

How Can We Help

Local SEO heavily depends on Google Snack Packs. What’s that you may ask? A Google Snack Pack is the boxed area that appears on the 1st result page when you make a local online search through Google’s search engine. Now the question is, how does the snack pack work?

There are various factors by which you can drive 33% of clicks directly to the snack packs, and we take care of all of it.

Firstly, we do the keyword research for you. We make sure that your business pops up for traditional queries like Service in Location. We research the keywords your competitors are ranking for to understand the search queries of your potential buyers and use them in a tactical way to make your local SEO strong. The next step is listing your business in Google My Business, Bing Places, and Apple map listing. Because, you know how people rely on location services to find services nearby, right? So if you are not there, you are doomed! While listing them, we take care of taking care of the fact that it directs the customers to the exact business location and it is categorized perfectly. We look after the entire verification process as well so that you face no hassle regarding that. After this is done connecting your website to your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In order to the local citation, we perform citation audits and focus on building more and more citations accordingly. After all, these are done, you can easily look forward to having a smooth SEO service!

Why Should You Choose Us

Is choosing our services really going to help you? Let us answer with some feedbacks we received from our clients recently.

  • Website traffic got increased by 400% through local SEO.
  • Companies with 0 client conversations per day are getting around 100 of leads converted per day with the help of Distinct Digital Media.
  • Our client businesses have ranked among the top 3 in Google search so far.

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