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You know what is the biggest power of LinkedIn marketing? Unlike other social media platforms, when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s not about what you know. It’s about who your connections know.

Didn’t understand what we are trying to imply here? In LinkedIn you can create a brand awareness through your own connection and connection’s connection with the help of word of mouth. At present, LinkedIn have 562 million active user accounts. So when we talk about LinkedIn Marketing, it is all about building networks and connections. And with these many people active in LinkedIn you can imagine how big a scope you have to push your brand to its highest. If you maintain your LinkedIn activities just through a personal profile, then it is time to up your game. LinkedIn is not just for job seekers and recruiters anymore, it has much more value than that. When it comes to lead generation for your business, there is no better platform other than LinkedIn to do that! You need to build a detailed company profile to attract potential leads for sure. But you don’t have to take all the trouble to build one. Because at DistinctDigitalMedia, we will do the needful for you.


How Can We Help

LinkedIn works best with the B2B marketing platform. So, the main thing to worry about while creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy is how to make your company look attractive in the eyes of other prospective client companies? You need to find out what their likes and dislikes are first, but if you want to focus on each and every lead’s likes and dislikes, that can take a while. And by while we mean, more than a year. Are you willing to waste that much time of your business? Of course not! Which is why, we aim to make your business profile not just a profile, but a story to the viewers’ eyes. In this way, your profile is enriched with your company culture, face of your employees and happy clients. Also, we interact to your viewers on a regular basis with messages and comments so that no one feels left out. Not only this, we focus on creating knowledge spreading posts and LinkedIn articles so that your viewers identify your company as a master in the industry. With various LinkedIn groups, we build connections and then relationship with the potential leads. In this way, we establish you as a trustworthy brand that anyone can rely on. Not only this, we focus on the analytics as well to make you aware with the fact that who are your useful visitors.

Why Should You Choose Us

But how much does the story actually helps? Now, let the numbers speak for that matter!

  • LinkedIn posts created for our clients get over 10,000 impression on a regular basis
  • 100 conversions from visitors to buyers are happening per day
  • Website traffic got increased by 400% through LinkedIn posts

Looks like it is worth giving it a try? What are you waiting for then? Opt for our services right away!

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