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Wondering if developing an ios App for your business is a proper Return On Investment activity? Well, let us answer you with some statistics. The highest ranked ios applications make a business of 82,500 USD everyday. If we talk about gaming applications, they additionally earn around 22,250 USD. Can you believe that? We understand that creating an application for your business is kind of a huge step. That too an application which can only run in apple. You must be thinking, how many people use iPhones anyway? According to statista, the total number of iPhone users across the globe is over 1 Billion. Can you understand now how important an iso Application is for your business now?

But there is another question. What if your iso application fall after you invest money in that? What if it’s a total flop show? What if nobody installs it? It will cause you a huge loss of investment, bankruptcy and even in the worst case scenario, business collapse! Well, when we make the ios App for your business, you can be sure that we won’t let it happen!


How Can We Help

The best thing about an ios Application is, you don’t need to brand your application separately, since apple is already the most trusted brand worldwide. And the crowd you’d be getting from there would be niche and trustworthy as well. So let’s talk about the application development part now.

All you need to do to see your iso App spreading its routes worldwide is to provide us with an idea, sit back and see that the idea taking shape with a blink of your eye! Once you give us the idea about what you want your application to do, at first we identify the application’s objective and target audiences. Afterwards, our product manager and ios developers work together to create a wireframe. Then comes the prototyping part where you our designers and backend developers lay out each screen of your application in the form of storyboards by focusing on mobile app designing and architecture. In the front and back end coding stage, our ios engineers build the front-end logic, integrate back end and implement security measures and hand it over to the designers and back-end developers for the final testing. They ensure the cross device functionality and fine tune it again for the load time and ease of use. At the final stage, the submission for review, our digital marketing team and ASO specialists prepare the application for several rounds of resubmission, develop an app store and optimize campaigns to let people know about the grand application launch.

Why Should You Choose Us

Let’s say we have done all of it. But still, what’s the guarantee that your ios app will not fail to repay your business in a huge amount? Well, the numbers from our client stories can pull you out of this dilemma. Have a look!

  • In the past one month, 500+ users have installed the ios applications built by us.
  • Our clients’ ios applications have collected more than 1000 5 star reviews.
  • The ios applications are helping our clients to make business of 5,000 USD per month

We hope the numbers were satisfying enough? If yes, opt for our services right now so that you don’t miss out on the iPhone users out there anymore!

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