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What do you visualize on the basis of your business’s future? Do you see a handful of local and regional customers buying your product on a regular basis? Or you see your business as the most talked about business across the globe in the particular field it is is dealing with? Without even blinking you’ll reply, “The 2nd one!” Isn’t it? The 1st one can be a short term goal, but the 2nd one is every business owner’s long term goal. Well, if that is yours too, you can’t just sit relaxed when your local SEO activities are running smoothly. You need to focus on Global SEO as well! And need not we say, Global SEO is much more complex than Local SEO. It optimizes your contents for a large number of people of various regions worldwide. That needs content and keywords for different regions and languages, and optimize it for different region’s search engines.

That needs a huge amount of research and other activities. Don’t you think? Now, who would do that for you? Well, why DistinctDigitalMedia is here for?


How Can We Help

As we mentioned previously, Global SEO whole heartedly depends on how can you research the visitors’ content preferences and choices across the globe. Hence, we base our Global SEO strategies on the research itself. We take these following questions into consideration:

  • From which countries does the business get the most international traffic?
  • What countries are getting converted the most in the business’s marketing funnel?
  • Who all are showing the most interest in your products even though they can’t access them yet?
  • Which countries’ markets are your competitors entering or planning to enter and what’s the reason behind it?

After all these questions are answered through our thorough research, we are already halfway there to open in the global market with a bash. Then, we make a strategy and make your website Global SEO ready by using hreflang attribute in your website URLs, language targeting, location targeting, sub directories and sub domains and backlinks. We keep a check on regional buying cycles as well, so that your business can release offers and promotions in a common time of year. We track the performance of Global SEO by measuring web page ranking in search engines, the performance of your organic search, conversion rate, bounce rate, page dwell timing, number of indexed pages on the search engine and traffic from mobile devices. Above everything, we help you to interpret the data and scale up your business.

Why Should You Choose Us

Maintaining the Global SEO is not an easy task. And when it comes to establishing your business internationally, you can’t just trust anyone with that. Let us show you some of our achievements to build up the trust quotient, shall we?

  • Our clients have spread their roots in over 20 countries with the help of our Global SEO services.
  • 100 customers are getting converted everyday from 6 different regions.
  • Our client businesses have ranked among the top 3 in Google search of 10 countries so far.

Do you think now that DistinctDigitalMedia can be your cup of tea? Contact us to take care of your Global SEO service, then!

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