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Facebook has apparently become the king of the social media with over 1.5 billion user accounts. Among them, more than 1.37 billion active users visit Facebook on a regular basis.

If you haven’t emphasized on Facebook marketing for your business yet, you can guess how many visitors you might have been missing out on. Facebook is a wide platform now a days to reach anyone and everyone. And we literally mean it, anyone. Because is any soul out there who doesn’t use Facebook?

But along with Facebook marketing comes so many responsibilities. That includes boosting your special offers or product updates, getting to know your audience better and set the right target group, taking care of the fact that your posts reach the maximum people and many more.

Now, in a news feed full of selfies and personal updates, how to make your business posts stand out of the crowd?

DistinctDigitalMedia helps you out in doing the same!

How Can We Help

There are few steps which you need to follow once it comes to Facebook Marketing. Reaching out to the right audiences, set your goals, planning up engaging contents and advertisements, monitor daily by going through the analytics. You understood by now that this needs expert hands as well as out of the box thought process. Luckily, our social media marketing team works towards the same goal. From building your facebook page to executing the page promotion in proper way, we are equally engaged throughout.

We start our work by creating a proper social media strategy for you that includes daily posts, ideas for promotional posts, ideas for facebook advertisements and many more. With our daily research and analysis of your target audience group, we make it sure that they like what they see in your page by staying at the top of facebook trends. Our contents are a perfect blend of videos and images which keeps the audience interest growing. Not only that, through our creative facebook campaigns you can increase your audience engagement too!

We give facebook analytics another level of importance in this entire process. We keep an eye on it regularly and with our exclusive strategies make sure that your regular facebook posts reach more and more people. And the best part about our facebook marketing is, that doesn’t make your viewers feel that your posts are intended to hard sales.

Why Should You Choose Us

Anybody can create a Facebook post, even post regularly. Why take up service for that? You can do that internally with the help of your teammates.

Is that what you are thinking? Well, let us show you some numbers from our client pages then!

  • Posts from our clients’ pages have a regular reach of above 10,000 along with 300+ comments and 200+ shares.
  • Our last facebook campaign spread brand awareness among 400+ new people.
  • The out of the box facebook advertisements made the website traffic go up by 400%.

Do you think it is possible to execute the same for you internally? No? Then opt for our services, and start witnessing the difference!

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