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What is the biggest issue most of the mobile app users are facing these days? That is getting their applications discovered by potential users. Seriously, with over 2 millions mobile applications in various app stores, it is nearly impossible. Isn’t it? There’s where App Store Optimization comes in scene. App Store Optimization is a process to optimize your application rank higher in the app store search option. The main goal of App Store Optimization is to drive more and more traffic to your application’s page of the app store. Forrester report says, 63% of applications are making their way to the customers with the App Store Optimization. Hence, if you are not using App Store Optimization already, maybe you are missing out on the largest discovery channel in the world of applications.

But, App Store Optimization is quite a hectic task to do, if you don’t own any expertise about it. So, how to do the App Store Optimization for your application if you are not in that place? Fret not! We are there for you!

App Store Optimization

How Can We Help

The way we use Search Engine Optimization to rank in the top of google search result, we kind of do the same for App Store Optimization as well, only in a different way.

We start with a strong relevant title which can improve the ASO results. We include proper keywords in doing that as well which helps your app to rank 10% higher than usual. We use different naming strategies and keywords for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well. At the next step, we describe your applications functionality and its services well, so that it becomes more user friendly. And the more user friendly your app is, the more likely it is to get good ratings from the users and rank even higher. We include high quality app screenshots ass well which is good for the ASO activities, along with a small app preview video. Our designers put extra effort to make your app logo unique. And we need to mention, all of these activities automatically gives the user reviews a real push!

Why Should You Choose Us

But how does all these activities help really? Do they help at all? Well, words can lie, but numbers don’t. Right? Hope these numbers can help you out!

  • Android and iso applications that are App Store Optimized by us have got installed by 500+ people over last one month.
  • Our clients’ applications gather 1000+ 5 star rating every day.
  • Applications we have been working on, are ranking among top 3 in playstore search results

If this convinced you, maybe you can try using our services. Would you?

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