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If you look around, do you see anyone around who doesn’t own an android device? We are sure that you can’t find anyone like that. In present days, android OS is simply ruling the market of smartphones! But the question is, how can an android application help your business? Well, if you have food delivery applications and cab service applications installed in your phone, you probably already know the answer. Some specific cab services even have 150 million regular users who are spending their money on it on a regular basis. So, you can understand what your business could have achieved if you would have had your own Android Application. But again, is it really worth all the money if your business is not that huge till now? Well, it is. Only if you build your application properly from the scratch and make it user friendly to the level that your application would be simply the talk of the buyer world. Now you are probably wondering about how to do it. Let us help you out with that!

How Can We Help

There are few things we take care of and analyse before building an android application. Firstly, we decide if your audience crowd are more friendly with android applications or ios applications. If we find out that your potential audience crowd’s life revolve around ios applications, we inform you right away and suggest you to go for an ios app instead. If we find it is otherwise, we sit down with you and find out what you want your application to achieve. Once we are clear about that, our developers start working on your application by embedding the latest technologies. Firstly they lay out the application functionality and features. For example, some features might include eCommerce integrations, contact us forms, youtube or vimeo integrations, chatbots, push or pop up notifications, social sharing etc. Afterwards, we research your competitor applications to know about their features, application layouts and functionalities so that we can create yours in a much better way. When all the research and layouts are done, it’s finally time to give your application a skeleton, which is gluing these individual blocks with the help of wireframing. After testing the wireframe of your application, we revise the application based on reviews and request you to choose an app development path so that we can tell you the budget. So when all the groundworks are done and dusted, we build the final draft of your application, choose your plugins, test your live application, launch your applications and promote it in a huge way. That’s all about it!

Why Should You Choose Us

Valid question. Isn’t it? How can you be assured that we are going to build an application your potential customers will be crazy about? Maybe, these following pieces of information can help you to reconsider!

  • Android applications built by us have got installed by 500+ people over last one month
  • Our clients’ applications gather 1000+ 5 star rating every day
  • At least 100 purchases are happening everyday through our client applications

Well, that should clear all your doubt! Opt for our services to see your android application being the tech talk of the year!

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