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Bing Advertisements

Bing Advertising Services

Probably you don’t know this, but various big companies have claimed that they have experienced a 33.5% cheaper CPC rate than Google Ads while using Bing advertisements. That explains the reason why Bing ads reached 57 million unique visitors last year who are not reachable through Google. You would probably have a doubt about the effectiveness of Bing Ads since most businesses tend to ignore it. But think about it once. If your competitors aren’t paying attention to Bing Ads, it leaves you more room to reach more and more target audiences since there is no competition as such. Isn’t it correct?

Bing Ads are basically pay-per-click platforms that are almost similar to Google Ad’s search ads or display ads. It displays at the top, bottom or side of the search engine result pages. Although it sounds easy to roll out a Bing Advertisement, you can’t do it without the help of professionals since there are so many factors you need to look after. That is why DistinctDigitalMedia plays the role of an expert here while having your back!

How Can We Help

The most important thing about Bing Advertisement is running successful search campaigns. We create bing campaigns targeting a group of keywords. When any user searches for the phrases, the bing ads bid on a chance to show up at top search results and top sponsored places with maximum visibility.

We start by creating your Bing Ad account. Then, we research appropriate keywords and keyword group which we can target. While searching for it we keep different countries in mind as well. Then we write your advertisements in a crisp way by including those keywords by keeping these following things in mind:

  • Your value proposition
  • The language your customers are most comfortable with
  • Personalizing touch
  • Call to action button
  • Different views

That’s just for one ad group. Of course you’ll need more than that to create brand awareness and make maximum sale. We keep making different Bing Ad groups from time to time and keep them running.

Why Should You Choose Us

Not everyone can top the Bing Ads game. So you need someone reliable who can help you out with that. So how would you know that we can be the perfect player for you? Let some scores tell you that!

  • Bing Ad campaigns rolled out by us have attracted more than 1000 unique visitors to the website every single day
  • Our advertisements are making 100 conversions everyday
  • Bing Advertisements of our clients appear among top 3 search results

Want to give our service a try? Contact us right away for the details then!

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